December 29, 2009

She kissed him, her lips barely brushing against his. He angled his head and dove in deeper. His eyes open, he saw her eyes haze over as their tongues danced in slow motion. Pulling her against him, he smoothed his hand over her side, settling on the round curve of her bottom. He gave a little squeeze and she let out a soft laughter. Smiling, he pushed against her, his thick erection pressing against her stomach. Her hand smoothed over the velvet tip and he drew in a sharp breath.

His body languid with sleep, the blood slowly pulsing and filling him he pushed his fingers against the downy skin of her thigh and opened her legs. Sliding his fingers up and down the sensitive skin of her thighs, he felt the heat slowly spread through her body. Moving his tongue inside her mouth, he drew in her breath as she moaned. His fingers travelled up her thigh, searching the heat radiating from her centre.

Keeping his moves delicate, he caressed her lower lips, his fingers gliding on the moist flesh. He skimmed over her, spreading the dew with his fingertips. Drawing her tongue into his mouth, he sucked on the tip, making her writhe against him. His fingers dipped between her folds, sliding along the delicate flesh. He found her centre, a wet pond and used his fingers to smooth the moisture around, flicking the sensitive bud. She whimpered against his mouth and pushed herself against his hand.

Smiling, he withdrew from the kiss and trailed his lips down her neck. Moving lower, he licked her fragrant skin, moving his mouth over her round breasts. As his mouth found a pink, erect nipple, he tickled it with his tongue. Sucking the delicate tip in his mouth, he caressed the other tip with his free hand, rolling the nipple between his fingers.

She gave out a low moan, her body arching against him. His fingers kept playing with her, his mouth kissing her skin as he trailed lower. Reaching her mound, he let his breath warm her delicate flesh, his fingers spreading her open for him. Inhaling her scent, he let his tongue caress the tender nub between her folds, eliciting another whimper from her. Nibbling her bud between his lips and stroking it with his tongue, he began to suck on her flesh, his fingers circled around her centre, dipping inside the opening. With slow movements, he began to slide his fingers in and out, drawing out the moisture, his fingers rubbing the smooth skin. As she began to writhe against him faster, he started to work his mouth over her, his fingers pumping her sex, finding the soft cushion and pressing against it, making her moans louder.


The Kiss

December 29, 2009

“Do you have any idea how good you smell?” he whispered as he pressed his nose against her neck. Her veins were on fire, the blood pulsing in rhythm with his heartbeat. His hand was in her hair, kneading her locks into his fingers, the other stroking her back, fingers barely brushing against her skin making her shiver.

“You have to stop,” she pressed her mouth onto the stubbly skin under his jaw. Her lips felt the throb of his vein and she licked it with her tongue, making him take a ragged gasp of air.

“I can’t.” he pressed both of his hands to the small of her back, pulling her against his arousal. “I want you.”

“We can’t.” her hands were wandering around his body, squeezing, caressing, soothing and exciting him. This was so wrong, she knew she shouldn’t even be considering this but it was impossible to stop. With a slow, deliberate move he pressed his hips against hers, circulating them so that she moaned under the sweet pressure. His lips moved against her neck, to her chin, to the side of her lips, then the other side until when he finally brushed his lips against hers, her mouth was open for him.

With a languid move he slid his tongue against her lips and stroked them until hers came to meet him. He deepened the kiss and she could taste him, the sweet, tangy taste and the fresh male scent mixing into a lush nectar. His tongue was caressing her mouth and every cell of her body screamed for the touch of his bare skin against her. Without moving away from her, he started to undress her. She could barely register his movements, all she felt was an onslaught of senses as his hands moved over her body, touching ever inch of the skin he was baring.


December 28, 2009

I want to get dirty just so you can wash me.


December 28, 2009

I’ll show you if you show me

“I love wathcing you touch yourself,”  he whispered. Leaning on his elbow, he leaned closer. “Show me how you do it.”

She looked at him through half-closed eyes, blush spreading on her cheeks. His smile was wicked as he nuzzled her ear.

“C’mon babe, do it for me.”

Slowly, she trailed her hand on her bare stomach. He pulled down the sheet, exposing her to the air-conditioner and she shivered. Gently, she slid her hand between her legs, touching her folds. She felt the moisture and his breath on her skin as he leaned closer, his body touching hers.

She glanced at him, seeing his eyes inent on her hand between her legs. He looked up at her and gave her a wink.

“Keep going.”

She started to spread the wetness between her folds with her finger. Her movements light, she trailed her finger up and down, flicking the tight nub gently. She felt his hand on her thigh and she took a deep breath as he pulled her legs further apart. His hand was warm on her thigh, sending tremors up her body. When he didn’t move, she started her slow process again.

Her hand was light, she didn’t want to come quickly. She could feel her breath speeding up as she kept her slow flicks going. He was leaning his head over her chest, eyes turned to her hand.

“Beautiful,” he murmured, giving her breast a quick kiss. “Make yourself come for me baby.”

She started to move her hand faster, excited by the command. She looked at him, he was holding his rigid cock in his hand.

“Come with me,” she whispered and watched as he started to move his hand on his shaft. There was already pre-cum on the head of his cock and he spread it down with his fingers. She moved her hand in the same rhythym as him. Seeing his cock bulge in his grasp made her move even faster.

She started to rub her clit with circular movements, rapidly increasing the speed in time with his strokes.

“So good, baby, let me see you cum,” he kept moving his hand up and down, grabbing his testicles with the other. She could hear their fast breathing fill the room and moaned as she felt the heat spread through her body.

“That’s it baby, keep it going,” he sighed, pumping his fist in quick, jerky movements. He was close, his cock straining in his hands.

“Baby,” she moaned, her own fingers drumming her clit in staccato rhythym. Her hips bucked as she felt the first waves crash over her and she kept her eyes on him, seeing him pushing himself against his hand now. She kept her finger moving, her moans becoming louder as she watched him squeeze his cock as he came in wild spurts, the waves overtaking her until she had to close her eyes and let out a high moan as she finally succumbed to the waves overtaking her.

“Damn, baby, that was good,” he nudged her with his cock and kissed the underside of her breast. “Now let’s take a shower and I’ll do that to you all over again.”


December 28, 2009

Make me do it.


December 28, 2009

Let’s play blind man’s bluff

“That’s tight, baby,” he growled when she pulled the blindfold.

“You’ll live,” she hissed, tying the bandanna into a knot behind his head. “Last time you peeked.”

“I can’t help it,” his lips twisted into a smile. “I’m a naughty boy.”

“And naughty boys need to be punished,” she licked her tongue into his ear as she pushed him onto the floor. “Now kneel.”

He did as he was told, placing his hands on the thick carpet, his knees on the floor.

“Spread ’em,” she snapped, kicking the inside of his thigh with her boot. The patent leather made a slapping sound as it contacted with the sensitive skin and his body winced but he complied. His testicles hung between his legs, his thick cock straining up against his stomach.

She kneeled behind him and grabbed his butt cheeks with her hands. Spreading them wide she let her thumbnail scratch against the sensitive skin between them. His body shivered and she slapped his butt.

“Stay still.”

He quieted down and hung his head low. She raked her nails along his back, digging them deep.

“You’ve got a beautiful ass,” she said as she leaned in and took his skin between her teeth. She gave him a tug then bit down more until he moaned.

“Yummy,” she stood up and reached for the collar and the chain. She put the collar around his neck and wrapped the end of the chain around her hand.

She gave the chain a yank and he lifted his torso up. She pulled his arms behind his back and tied the chain around them. She nudged his legs with her boot and he spread them even wider. She took in the sight of him kneeling there, on the floor, his muscular body open to her inspection.

“Now, now, now,” she whispered as she walked around him, tracing her nails on his neck. “Dont you look pretty.”

She pushed her fingers into his thick mane and yanked his head back. His lips were parted, his breath coming out in ragged puffs. She licked her tongue over his lips and when he opened his mouth she plunged her tongue into his mouth.

Her hands grabbed his nipples, squeezing them until she felt him draw a quick breath.

“So delicious,” she whispered against his lips and used her teeth on his lower lip. He let out a deep moan as she slid her boot down the length of his cock and placed her foot on the floor between his legs. The side of her boot was rubbing against his swollen shaft as she continued to kiss him.

When she felt his heartbeat increase into a steady gallop underneath her hands she quickly pulled away.

“Patience, my dear, patience.”

The Apple

December 28, 2009

Sometimes all I want to do is take a bite off you. Will you let me?


December 28, 2009

I’ll never tell you this but I don’t mind that you love your car almost as much as you love me.


December 28, 2009

You have no idea how much leaving your top button undone makes me want you.

You’re lying on the bed, your arm over your eyes, shirtless, your jeans open. I see the peek-a-boo of dark hair in the opening and move closer. The pale blue fabric is old and stretched, your legs wide apart I can see the shape of your cock resting against your thigh.

Your breathing is slow, steady and I reach over you, inhaling your scent. Your nipples are small, puckered from the air conditoning and I breath on them, warming you. I nuzzle against your neck, taking in the spicy, sweet and clean smell that is so familiar to me. Softly, I draw my lips over your skin, letting my hands cover your thighs, moving them up and down.

You sigh in your sleep, raising your arm off your face. Your perfect mouth is pouting, the childlike shape contrasted by the dark stubble on your chin. I tease my lips over yours, giving you a little flick with my tongue. My hands move up, the soft fabric warming under my palms. I feel your cock over the jeans and use my nails lightly against the fabric.

Quiet, I move down, kissing your stomach, dipping my tongue into your navel and then trailing my way lower. I open your jeans a little more, slide my hand inside and slowly lift your cock into the opening. It’s beginning to stir but it’s still in the state I love almost as much as the hard, throbbing one. Soft, malleable and vulnerable, I press my nose against it to breathe in your scent. Then, I moisten my lips, open them and slide them up and down your shaft.

I keep a steady rhythym, letting my tongue lick the sensitive underside while I keep your length between my open lips. You’re growing harder, straining against my mouth. I slide my fingers into your jeans, drawing circles around your testicles.

I pull away enough to be able to touch you only with my tongue. My hand on your hip, my thumb stroking the skin of your groin, the other gently playing with your balls I start drawing the tip of my tongue up and down your shaft. I tickle the vein that runs under your cock, run my tongue up and flick it across the sensitive spot under the head. You let out a small gasp and smiling, I keep my tongue on that spot, flicking it over again and again.

When you’re fully erect, I look up, my mouth inch away from your cock and see you looking at me. Your eyes are still sleepy, your hair mussed but there’s a smile on your lips.

I don’t say anything, just give you a look and a smile that tells you I’m just warming up. Then I lower my lips to the head of your cock, while keeping eye contact. I give you a little kiss and when you close your eyes I get to work.

I open my lips and slide the head into my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I take my time, sliding you in, my hand holding the base of your cock. When I feel your head at the back of my throat, I start the journey up. I use my tongue, letting your shaft rest on it while I slide up. I give the head a little suck and repeat it all over again.

I keep my pace slow, taking my time, ignoring the way your hips buck when I hit a good spot. Your hands on your sides are clenching the sheet at the same tempo as I move my mouth. Your precum and my saliva make your cock slippery and wet and I use my hand to spread the wetness up and down the base of your shaft.

“Please,” you groan, lifting your hips. I take pity on you and make a ring with my fingers, using them as an extension of my mouth. I slide up and down your cock, upping the tempo until you’re breathing heavily, your hips undulating involuntary. My other hand is inside your jeans, squeezing your testicles in the same beat. I let one of my fingers wander between your butt cheeks, caressing the sensitive opening there.

“Fuck,” your voice is hoarse, your hands grabbing the sheet and pulling it up. I look up, see the strained look on your face, your mouth open, your breath coming in fast spurts. And just like that, I’m ravenous. I devour your cock like a starving woman, my hands moving fast as I want to touch all your good spots. I’m moaning in time of your jagged breaths, feeling the wetness pooling between my legs.

“Ah, ah, ah,” you moan as I keep going, my lips and tongue pumping against you, my hand stroking you faster, my finger ringing the round entrance between your legs. I feel your balls squeeze against your shaft and use my hand to pull them a little lower, eliciting a deep groan from you. I’m sucking the head of your cock, my hand making slapping noises as it slides up and down the hard edge of your cock. Your body starts trashing on the bed but my hand holds your cock in place as I feel the warm, wet spurt of your release fill my mouth. I suck it all in, enjoying the tangy taste as I swallow it all. I lick your cock clean and look up at you. You’re staring at me, your eyes half closed, your mouth open, your hands now relaxed on your sides.

“Fuck that was good,” you say and I give a little laugh.

“For me too, babe, for me too.” I say.


December 28, 2009

Sometimes kissing is all I want to do. Especially when you kiss me like you’re going down on me.